DBCS Member Spotlight Susan Garrison

Our February 2023 Member Spotlight is on Susan Garrison. You can find Susan in the front row of the Alto section sporting fun frames and a sweet smile. She joined DBCS last season for our holiday concerts and spiritedly participated in our many optional caroling performances. Susan is a gifted writer, and we plan to put that talent to use for various aspects of the choir moving forward.

Learn more about Susan below, and if you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her yet, make sure to say “hello” at next rehearsal.

Susan Garrison


Susan Garrison joined DBCS in the fall of 2022 as an Alto ready to shed the cocoon of Covid-19.

She is a retired educator. Her career encompassed teaching, librarianship, and school administration.

Through the years, she has been avidly devoted to choral music singing with Sweet Adelines and various community choruses, as well as church choirs.

When asked her thoughts on DBCS, Susan shared these kind words:

“Singing soothes the soul, creates connections, stimulates the mind, and engages the intellect. All this and more brought me to this wonderful group.

The devotion and dedication of so many is inspiring. Our director is kind and real as he encourages and teaches us.

Busy volunteers take care of chorus business, and upbeat positivity helps us overcome any
momentary glitches.

Finally, as always, the music is an astonishing mix that seems to blend, like the
notes we sing, into a harmonious message to and for our community. We care about you. We thank
you for letting us sing here. May it be so.”