DBCS Member Spotlight – Bill Walker

Our October 2021 Member Spotlight is on Bill Walker. Bill’s returning to Daytona Beach Choral Society was an exciting surprise! He brings incredible talent, enthusiasm, and dedication to our group. Oh, and let’s not forget the laughs! Bill is quick with the wit and ready to participate in whatever we throw at him.

During the COVID-19 shutdown, Bill took on the challenge of our virtual choir effort – learning new music and technology from home. He drove all the way from New Smyrna Beach to Ormond-By-The-Sea each week to sit in a car for 2 more hours singing with our socially-distant “Car Choir” project.

Please join me in thanking Bill for being a part of DBCS and helping us stay active during such a difficult time. – *Chrystal

Photo by Marcia Polenz
Photo By Guy Heidemann
Photo By Donna Lovelace-Flora

Bill Walker


I grew up in Virginia from age 8 years old. Both my mother and sister were/are musically inclined. My Dad…not so much.

I started out singing in our Church Youth Choir and sang Soprano while my voice was changing. Obviously, I gravitated to Tenor with time. I sang in Church choirs, pretty much, my entire adult life. I also played both trombone and bass tuba in my high school concert and marching bands.

My Senior year, I sang in the high school chorus and was chosen for both All County and All State Choruses. I’ve never had formal choral or instrumental training other than from the Directors.

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree from Virginia Tech and my Master of Engineering Degree from the University of Florida. Upon graduation, I started working for GE in support of the Apollo Program. I later started working at one of the Lockheed Martin plants in Orlando as a Lead System Engineer on both flight and tank gunnery training systems. I retired from Lockheed Martin at the end of 2009. My wife Judy and I now live in New Smyrna Beach.

I first joined the Daytona Beach Choral Society approximately eleven years ago BT (before Tawn). I took a hiatus from the choir for a period when my Church and DBCS concerts were overloading. But…I’M HAPPY TO BE BACK, since last year!

I love singing with the group, because Tawn laughs at my “off the cuff” humor (when I get no encouragement at home). Seriously, DBCS now fills a gap in my singing, since I currently attend a Church that only offers contemporary Services.

I also like Tawn’s approach to directing (doing reps ‘til you get it right). Not to overlook what keeps us going: Chrystal is such a blessing to DBCS! She is the engine that makes the DBCS train go, and keeps the passengers informed and on schedule.

Other Fun Facts about Bill:
  • Favorite Artists: As far as singers, my favorites span from the days of my youth to the current times: Elvis & The Beatles to Garth, Bruno Mars, and Ed Sheeran.
  • Hobbies: Currently, my main activity is landscaping my property. I’m also an avid VT, and U of F college football, and BUCs fan. I also follow the Grand Slam Tennis matches starting with the last few rounds. NASCAR is worthwhile in the last 20 laps.